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Mazda2 Race Car

Mazda2 Race Car

This is the original 2RacingUK competition car.

Originally a 2010 1.5 sport the car has seen a major overhaul to all components and is ready to race. All components are in data.


Gecko racing coilovers,

Black Diamond discs and pads,

SuperPro control arms,

SuperPro rear axel bushes,

Rota wheels 15" light weight

Part worn MRF ZTR tyres

Cyclone Roll cage,

OMP bucket seat

TRS harness

OMP 300mm steering wheel,

Lifeline fire suppression system plumbed into cabin and engine bay.

Interior and exterior emergency pull cables,

Electrical cut off switch

Odysey lightweight sealed AGM battery

Hotpipes racing manifold


The engine is the standard 1.5 which hasn't been touched. All engine protection is still at the factory setting meaning tolerances are on the conservative side. Rev limiter is still set to 6.5k rpm factory spec.


ECU is flash mapped to produce 118bhp


Car is not taxed or MOT'd

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