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B-SpecUK Sporting Regulations

B-Spec UK


1. Title The B-Spec UK series by 2RacingUK Ltd is a race series for production based cars with engine capacities up to 1500cc and naturally aspirated. Entry vehicles must be of B segment (subcompact) size or smaller. The B-Spec UK series is promoted and administered by 2RacingUK in accordance with the general regulation of Motorsport UK and the Challenge regulations. 2RacingUK is presently assisted by BRSCC and the ClubSport Trophy for race hosting and scrutineering.


2. Officials

Championship President Neal Shore 

Tel: 07531546764



Championship Driver Representative

Colin Risbridger

Details to be confirmed


Championship Coordinator

TBA Applicants welcome


Sporting Regulations for 2024 onwards. Written by Neal Shore 23/12/2023 2024 Sporting regulations for B-Spec UK by 2RacingUK V1.5


Eligibility Scrutineer Provided by BRSCC Scrutineers/Clerk of the Course/Motorsport UK Officials As appointed by BRSCC as organising club.


3. Competition Eligibility All drivers must be registered for the series with 2RacingUK and be a member of the BRSCC ClubSport Trophy Race Club or an invited affiliated Motorsport UK club and hold a valid Motorsport UK Race Inter Club or higher grade race licence. All necessary documentation must be presented at signing on if requested.


4. Registration All drivers must register for the series by returning the registration form (by post or email), to the coordinator prior to the closing date of the first round they wish to participate in. Registrations will be accepted from the publication of these regulations until the closing date of the last race. Race numbers allocated at the time of registration will be the permanent numbers for the season.


5. The Series There will be a number of races this season; dates/venues will be published on the 2RacingUK and BRSCC websites in addition to the series social media platforms. Each round is a stand alone event with no points or results being carried forward or counting towards a higher goal. Through out 2024 there will be the opportunity to complete in both the B-Spec UK and ClubSport Trophy classes simultainiously.


6. Awards There will be trophies for the first three places with more than five entries. For races with less then five entries only the first place finisher will receive a trophy. No competitor can win more than one award in a race. Only fully registered drivers/club members are eligible to pick up a trophy.


7. Entries Drivers are responsible for sending in correct and fully completed entry forms with correct fees prior to close of entry date the Wednesday preceding the event. This is to be done via the BRSCC race Hub. Entries accepted after the closing date will be at the discretion of the administrators and may be subject to a fee. Entries will be accepted in order of receipt. Should an event be oversubscribed Sporting Regulations for 2024 onwards. Written by Neal Shore 23/12/2023 2024 Sporting regulations for B-Spec UK by 2RacingUK V1.5 reserves will be nominated up to the maximum allowed by the circuit capacity, and those drivers notified in final instructions.


8. Races Unless otherwise advised, races will be of 45 minutes duration and contain a mandatory 2min pitstop. Wherever possible both qualifying and the race will be held on the same day. The promoters and organisers retain the right to amend the length of the race when significant accident, incident or damage has occurred to competitors, circuit staff or the circuit its self.


9. Timing Competitors must use an AMB transponder for timing purposes as detailed in the blue book. These may be privately owed or rented from TSL in advance of each event.


10. Infringement of Regulations Should a car be deemed to have infringed the technical regulations the Clerk of the Course may impose any penalty set out in Motorsport UK regulations. Should there be an infringement of the sporting regulations the Clerk of the Course may also impose penalties as set out in the blue book. Should you feel that any car does not fit within the eligibility regulations for the series in any way, please note that there is a formal protest procedure outlined in the Motorsport UK Blue Book and these should be followed.


11. Driving Standards In order to maintain acceptable standards of driving the co-ordinator will monitor all official reports of adverse behaviour at race meetings. Input can also be given to the series driver’s representatives regarding this. 2RacingUK will be keeping an incident log and if a pattern with certain drivers or 'repeat offenders' is deemed to be occurring, the Clerk Of The Course will be notified at subsequent meetings to observe their conduct especially. This is a series measure taken over and above any action taken by the Motorsport UK officials.


12. Driver Exclusions The promoters reserve the right to exclude temporarily or permanently any driver deemed to have used an illegal car in B-Spec UK events or through whatever means to have brought the series in to dispute or caused damage to its reputation. Poor behaviour or actions in contrast to the Motorsport UKs “Race with Respect” ethos by participants and/or entrants may also result in disqualification from single, multiple events or from the series. Sporting Regulations for 2024 onwards. 


13. Challenge Decals/Sponsors Drivers will be required to carry designated B-Spec UK and 2RacingUK decals, plus any sponsors logo decals as designated by the series officials in specified locations.


15. Race Entry Refunds Refunds in full will only be made for cancellations made no later than the Wednesday proceeding the event in which you have entered. Cancellations after that date will be credited towards a future event. It is also a Motorsport UK requirement for them to be notified of any irregularities with entry fee payments (such as bounced/stopped cheques etc.) 2RacingUK endorse this and will be strictly adhering to the requirements.

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