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Dare to Drive


2RacingUK is a Mazda2 specialist.  We race Mazda2s we build Mazda2s we offer advice about getting more out of your Mazda2.  If you have something Mazda2 related we want to know about it.

TH team has been competing sice 2019.  We established the Mazda parts store for all Mazda marks but with a specialism in Mazda2s to help fund the racing.  THe parts store is continuously evolving with more items being added as regularly as we can

All the staff at 2RacingUK help out free of charge due to their love of racing and enthusiasm for Mazda as a brand we all have regular 9-5 jobs away from the team but make time for anyone who has an issue or needs advice.

Mazda2 suspension, Mazda2  parts, Mazda2 racing, Mazda2 motorsport


Dare to drive?

We have made it our mission to make motorsport accessible to all.  Experience, wealth, social status makes no difference to us if you can drive and enjoy motorsport we want to work with you to help get anyone with the ambition to become a racing driver on the grid.



Our vision is simple.  Be the number one place for Mazda2 parts, products, advice and motorsport.

Ambitious but we aiming high.



Mazda2 suspension, Mazda2  parts, Mazda2 racing, Mazda2 motorsport
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