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DJ Vogtlandfast road kit

DJ Vogtlandfast road kit

The ultimate blend of comfort, handling, looks and value for money.  Can't stretch to a Koni kit?  We have you covered thanks to our frieds from Vogtland.


  • Lower more aggressive stance
  • Improved ride comfort
  • Made from high tensile chrome silicone alloy


While a set of lowering springs are a great first step in modifying your car's suspension when you combine those same springs with a specially matched sports damper, things get even better.


  • Improves handling and ride comfort
  • Matched springs and dampers offer the optimal performance
  • Typically offers a lowering height between 25 and 60mm depending on the vehicle application


You get all of the benefits of lowering springs, like a lower more aggressive look, a lower centre-of-gravity and firmed up handling but with the added benefits provided by sports dampers.


An uprated damper will work with the lowering springs to ensure that bumps are effortlessly soaked up and the ride of the firmer springs is fully controlled resulting in secure handling and excellent secondary ride.


Firmer dampers will work with the springs to make the car corner even flatter and mid-corner bumps will be controlled.


These benefits will be especially noticeable if it's one of the lower drop spring kits or if your existing dampers are somewhat worn. Vogtland have carefully matched the dampers to the springs used for each specific vehicle ensuring you get an outstanding ride quality.

The net result is a comprehensive fast-road handling upgrade.


Vogltand prides itself on stringent quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process and uses only high-quality materials to ensure you receive the best from their products. All kits are also TUV certified unless otherwise stated in the fitting notes.

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