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Race Packages

Race Packages

The basic race package will suply all the basic equipment you require to pass scrutineering and line up on the grid in your Mazda2.  Safety items are suplied by Clubman Motosport.  The roll cage is manufactured by Cyclone cages.  This can be self assemble or fitting can be arranged for additional cost.  Cages come powder coated in white but other colours can be specified but will increase the price of your cage.  Tyres must be MRF ZTR meduim or hard compound.  When purchased as part of this package tyres are suplied by MOT Motorsport.  all items can be purchased direct form original retailers or via this website.  


Atec fiberglass bucket seat,

Zero 2020 fire extinguisher kit,

Trs international harnesses,

4 lifeline 250mm tow wires,

Steel seat side mounts,

Greystone master switch,

Greystone pull cables with nipple's,

Greystone bonnet pins,

Greystone harness plates,

Greystone cage padding,

Rain light,

Scrutineering decals


Roll cage self assembly powder coated or fitting by cyclone cages


MRF ZTR M Compound tyres 195 50 15, full set (one set lasts a full season when rotated (195 50 16 can be specified but incure additional cost.))


Suspension and brakes are free choice meaning you can use any kit you wish from any manufacturer.  You may select coilover options below to suit your budget and aim of competing.  


Prosport coilovers are cheap and cheerfull allowing you to stiffen and lower your car to improve handling and have fun on track.  This i a cost effective option and works well paired with a rear anti roll bar and front camber bolts.


Koni advanced dampers with lowering springs.  This option loweres the cars centre of gravity and stiffens the ride whill offering the most complience over race curbs.  The front shocks are have rebound adjustment.  This is a very effective set up especially when paired with a rear roll bar and front camber bolts.


MeisterR club race coilovers.  This is a fully adjustable off the shelf kit allowing for height, camber and rebound adjustment.  MeisterR have a proven track record with multiple Mazda2 series wins.


Gecko GRacing kits.  This is a fully customisable option.  Gecko allow teams to specify the spring rates you wish to run and tailer the damper to the requirments of the spring.


All items in this package are ordered direct from their suplier so will arrive as seperate items.