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What do you need to go racing

Updated: May 19, 2021

In this article, I'm going to list and describe what's needed to participate in the Mazda Motorsport Club Championship.

If your thinking of going racing then you have most likely already done some research regarding what you need to line up on the grid as a racing driver.

Step one,

Register with Motorsport UK and purchase a go racing pack. The pack costs £99 and contains your license application form and a key-shaped pen drive with all the information you will require to pass your racing license examinations. the purchase fee also includes the fee for processing your license.

Step two,

Book your Racing license test also better known as the ARDs test £250-£300. Almost every major circuit in the UK has a racing school certified to deliver training and conduct the ARDs Examination. all sites are listed on the ARDs website.

Step three,

Book an eye test. the marshals communicate with drivers via flag signals so it's vital that you can see the signals clearly. the eye examination is quick and must include a colour test. as part of your go racing pack, you will receive a voucher for a 10% discount to opticians in partnership with Motorsport UK.

Step four,

Attend the ARDs test. Provided you have done the required reading the theory paper is common sense and multiple choice. the practical is also straightforward. the Examiner is looking for your to be able to hold a racing line around a circuit and note where the marshal posts are. Provided you don't run onto the grass your cant really fail. Send off the completed license application form.

Step five,

Join a motorsport club. All motorsport has an organizing club. For the Mazda Motorsport Club championship, this is the BARC. Membership is £145 for the year and included your insurance for injury while on track. Once you have a competitor's membership you can then start accessing the race booking pages of their website.

Step six,

Sort a car. The Mazda Motorsport club has a variety of cars available for arrival and drives hire where you can book a car then turn up and race. These cars are all complement with the regulations and have a proven classing winning history. this option costs from £500 per event plus damage.

You can obviously build your own car. Any Mazda will be eligible to compete so long as it has the safety equipment.

Roll cage £1200,

Homologated bucket seat £350,

Homologated harness £180,

In date fire extinguisher with internal and external activation points £200

Electrical cut off with internal and external activation points £35,

Tow hooks front and rear £50.

To build my MAzda2 Racecar cost £2800 including performance upgrades plus an optional spare set of wheels and tyres.

Step seven,

Buy the best personal safety equipment you can afford. all your safety kit will need to have been homologated to comply with the correct standard for your championship. on average a beginner will need

two-layer fireproof race suit £250

FIre proof race gloves £75,

FIre proof boots, £80,

FIre proof balaclava £30,

Helmet with FHR posts £350

Frontal head restraint £120

All items will be checked for compliance at Scrutineering before each race.

Step eight,

Book your first race turn up on the day, attend the briefings, line up on the grid. THen When the lights go out your racing.

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