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New Brakes for the DJ.

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The DJ required new brakes and as we had lots of success with BlackDiamond brakes on our Yaris's we decided to stick with the guys from BD who are so helpful and enthusiastic towards us.

When we spoke to BlackDiamond on the new DJ project brakes, at the time they were still undergoing development.

A few months later we had a new set on the way of the Predator Pads, 6Groved Discs and their Brake Fluid.

This new front setup it's just brilliant from cold to heating them up lap after lap theres just no fade at all. Even just using the car normally day to day their great, the pedal feel its really nice too and theres no noise from the grooves on the discs like you normally get with a rota disc either.

We use these brakes on all our cars on and off track and for the cost it's our opinion there best bang for buck upgrade you can do on your everyday to your trackday car.

Many thanks to the guys at BlackDiamond for their help with this brake setup.

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