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DJ Chassis Setup

The cars chassis is great as standard for the a car in its class Mazda have given us a great setup but with doing sprints we just need a little bit more.

The first part of the chassis setup we modified was the wheels, we replaced the standard smaller thinner alloys with lighter wider and larger wheels to widen the stance of the car so it would feel more stable through the corners.

Next was the springs as there are not many products out on the market for the DJ we didn't have much to choose from so we opted for H&R -35mm stiffening springs to help reduce the body roll of the car.

At this point the car did get test driven on track and just these 2 chances made a big difference but it still could be a little bit better.

We then decided to order a front upper chassis brace and rear lower stiffer anti-roll bar and some front chamber bolts.

This will be the finish to the chassis tuning at this stage so once complete we will give our final thoughts.....

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