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Our cars travel all over the UK to take part in sprints and track days which leads to them getting covered in very baked on brake dust and road grime to say the least.

At the Autosport show in January 2020 we met and spoke to a lady called Lauryn who was their from a company called Powermaxed. Now they make and development all there own detailing products, lubricants, additives themselves.

We had been using many other manufacturers products in these areas but after talking with Lauryn from Powermaxed we decided to use and retail their products.

Steve is the one from 2Racing that will spend hours detailing his cars so he was given the bulk of the products to try and in conclusion we are over the moon with the results and the ease of which the products can be used. He also said that their products stand just as high or even higher up against other well know detailing companies products.

This also applies to their additives and lubricants too.

Also some of you out there with know that Powermaxed run their own BTCC team a long with getting involved with TCR too.

Many Thanks to Lauryn and the team at Powermaxed.

All their products are on sale in our shop.

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