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Track day Preparation

Driving on a race track in any car is one of the most exhilarating things any car enthusiast can do. It gives a driver the opportunity to find their limit of skill and the car's ability. In order to do this safely, there are a few things you can check on your car before heading out on the track.

1. Look at all 4 tires, make sure they will have enough tread to last till the event, have fun at the event and be able to drive home. 3mm.should be the minimum depth to achieve this.

2. Do your brake pads have enough friction material left? Again 4mm is the minimum I'd aim to arrive with. If you wear working starts while at the track you will be less likely to be allowed out on the circuit.

3. Is there enough life left in your brake disc? If a disc is heavily worn then it is likely to warp due to the additional heat generated by the enthusiastic braking you will be doing on the track.

4. Are you due for an oil change soon? Having the right amount of oil is vital to any car performing well. Keep your oil at the value specified on the dipstick. Just as important is the condition of the oil. It should be clean. Dirty oil on track will push contaminants back round the engine which could potentially burn as your engine will be hotter than normal. Although highly unlikely to catch fire the effects will be similar to leaving a pan on the cooker. Bits start to stick and reduce the flow of your oil which could starve the engine.

5. Make sure you have no leaks. There is a lot of fluid in a car. It's always good practice to check for drips and wet areas under the car with a torch. A couple of places some people overlook for leaks are the brake lines at the caliper or drum and the suspension damper.

The above are all basic checks and are included in an MOT. If your car has a valid MOT you will most likely be perfectly fine. But it is still good to check.

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