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Time Attack should be worried.

Superb day in Time Attack yesterday at Oulton Park with #OctaneDistribution and SuperPro Europe . Linked with Tunerfest North the attendance was huge.

Colin had a stunning morning in the drivers seat posting some stunning lap times straight out of the pits. All Morning Colin and Octane Distribution 2RacingUK Mazda2 consistently set times quicker then a Mini cooper S, Renault Clio 197 and a touring car spec Alfa 155. To name but a few scalps.

This proving that power isn't everything when you have a well sorted chassis with suspension components designed to work with the car instead of just firming everything up. The super Pro rear bushes and front control arms are a stunning bit of engineering. The feel of the car due to their unique shape and compound is stunning.

The grip from the tyres more than compensating for our lack of engine power. The MRF Motorsport Tyres - MOT Motorsport proving vastly superior to our Nankang shod competitors. Where the Nankang users could only sustain two fast laps before needing to cool their tyres. Colin could push all stint long without issue.

The afternoon saw the mercury rise faster than a rocket. The heat in the pitlane was almost to much to handle. Spare a thought for Colin who was wrapped in a fire proof race suit and Nomex undershirt and then incased in a greenhouse on wheels. Colin must have lost a minimum of two kilos of sweat in each session. Trying to focus on putting the perfect lap together in those conditions is far from easy.

Sadly our little Mazda2 also felt the heat with Colin reporting the rear was skipping under load in some corners. The lovely controllable rotation the car is becoming famous for had gone.

The track surface temperatures also increased making it harder to keep the tyres in their optimal working range.

The front brakes took a pounding and ended the day warped which would also have hindered Colin's progress.

Our fastest time was set in the morning with the best time of the afternoon being 0.6 seconds slower.

Colin was incredibly consistent with his fast laps. The final session he posted times of 1.55.04



On consecutive laps

On paper we never stood a chance. We were over 100hp down in our nearest rivals. We had less torque no boost, no engine maps. No multi link super adjustable suspension. Yet there we were, trading lap times with some of the most highly tuned cars in the country.

To the dismay and embarrassment of some of our competitors we will be back for the August round with a few tweeks and a little more power.

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