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Testing & Mazda On Track trackday Blyton Park 12th September 21.

In August the team decided to book on to a M.O.T.(Mazda On Track) track day at Blyton Park near Gainsborough. In the morning we would use one track layout and in the afternoon another layout, it's a good idea and you have to keep learning new corners. The team have driven Blyton Park many times before so we are well versed in using this track.

We also decided to ask along Jack Harding our friend and professional Mazda MX5 SuperCup driver to come and give us some tutoring as it's always good to keep improving and also to get his opinion on how the cars feel on track.

New tyres were the order of the day too for the white DJ as we wanted to know how the MRF's would feel on the Mazda2DJ car.

We also had two potential new DE racers coming to try out the Mazda Motorsport Club Series car which for them was really exciting.

After a quick change of wheels on both cars we headed out for sighting laps to get a feel of the first track layout, once completed the pitlane was open to head out when each driver was ready.

A few steady laps for both cars to let the tyres come in, but with the MRF's they are really good from cold anyway but it's always good to let things heat up first.

The White Mazda2 DJ started to put in some hot laps with Steve & Jack taking turns at the wheel, the car really started to come into its own able to use all this extra grip from the MRF race tyres carrying lots of speed through the fast corners and the chicane on this fast tight & twisty track. The cars turn in was on point and the brakes felt firm and progressive under foot which in turn gives you more confidence to push harder. Pushing on through the day and the tyres and brakes, suspension setup felt really good and did not fade at all, plus an added bonus was on paper faster cars either had to move out the way or could not keep up which shows "power is not everything"!

Keep it real



Managing Director

2RacingUK Ltd

So you've heard how the DJ faired around Blyton park from Steve. Let's discuss how the older, less powerful, less modified DE copped with the battering given it by four drivers of differing ability.

Unlike the Steves white Mazda2, which was at Blyton park to collect data on tyre performance the Blue car was being hired out for a 60th Birthday present. To a track day novice with no performance driving experience. This is not to say that Paul the birthday boy was lacking in talent, no the only thing holding him back was a queasy stomach.

Paul managed two laps at a time in the passenger seat at a medium pace before he started to feel the effects of motion sickness and asked if we could return to the pits. As a driver, he faired a little better managing six laps before the amount of cornering forces turned his stomach and once again we returned to the pits.

Not having any performance driving background meant Paul had no heel and toe technique and didn't naturally use the full racing track. Yet with a little encouragement, Paul improved rapidly and smoothed his gear shifts out, especially into the heavy braking zone of the wiggler where two quick gear shifts are required to settle the car before a sharp change of direction and accelerating down the back straight. Early in the day Paul was banging the car into gear and locking the front axel with each down shift but after a few laps, he was able to feed the clutch out in a way that allowed him to carry reasonable speed through the corner.

The second driver in the car was Claire. Claire and I have been participating in Trackdays for years together. She is especially smooth on the brakes and steering. Claire's background is in RWD cars like MX5s and GT86s. The way the blue Maxda2 corners really suits Claire as she found she could simply flick the car into corners at speed and catch the car as it oversteers.

The third driver we shall call sprint Paul, on the fact that he participates in the Javelin Sprint series in his epic Honda civic. Sprint Paul was there to test all the Mazda2s currently participating in the Mazda Motorsport Championship. The thinking was for Paul to test the cars, be amazed by the potential of the Race2s and either want to buy one of the pre-built cars or build his own.

Sprint Paul did his best to give all the cars hell, pushing the blue car to the very limits of adhesion as he worked out the handling characteristics of the cars. Originally breaking early into most corners and suffering understeer he quickly adapted his driving style and started to push the breaking point later and later and trailing the brakes into the apex of the corner inducing a little oversteer. At one point Sprint paul apexed a little early at the Wiggler chicane, meaning he had to take extra curb to make the corner exit. In doing so he jumped the car up on two wheels. He controlled the car and powered off down the straight.

The fourth driver of the blue car was myself. I'm well aware of this car's limits and adore running the car at the top of the rev range, revving the nuts off the engine shifting gears right on the red line and flinging the poor car into every corner, enjoying the way the car slides so predictably from the rear.

I'm still adamant that the car needs a much stiffer spring rate to further control the transfer of body weight and aid the rotation of the car through the corner. The car would also benefit from an even more aggressive brake pad compound as found in the green Race2 built by Paul Rodison and now run by Mazda on Trackdays which is available for hire.

Our blue car needs a more aggressive geometry as evidenced by the fact that the green Race2 is far kinder to its tyres. After 15mins the MRF tyres on the Blue car are starting to reach the top of their heat range and begin to lose grip. In contrast, the Green Race2's still working its tyres in the peak of the operating window offering maximum grip.

Our Mazda2s are almost foolproof in the way they drive. They are fun. They are predictable and can be encouraged to take on the handling characteristic of your choice. The level of grip and cornering speed that can be generated needs to be experienced to be believed as all the 2s with their low power and high momentum strategy for cornering easily embarrassed numerous faster cars even keeping the new super high tech Toyota Yaris GR honest neither gaining nor losing ground to the GRs.

Special mention must go to Paul Rodison and Nick Dougil firstly for running the day and secondly for offering hot laps in their cars which even with many many sessions worth of experience around Blyton park were an eye-opening view of the track and what can be achieved. It was fantastic to sit in the passenger seat and take mental notes of the capabilities of the green Race2 compared to my Blue car. Little Blue is good but mean and green is just a step ahead.

If you are looking for a well organised friendly and supporting track day organiser look no further than Mazda on trackdays. Even if you own a Honda or a BMW you will still be made to feel welcome and supported throughout the day by excellent advice from highly experienced drivers.

If you're looking for driver training then you must contact Jack Harding. He's managed to cope with everything Steve could throw at him and rather annoyingly has made Steve even faster, to the point where my title as 2RacingUK's main driver may be at risk.

Even my Wife Claire is after the role as the main driver and a car of her own for track use after such a strong performance. She schooled a Mazda 6 MPS in how to drive on a track in our little Race2.

If your looking for a safe, fast and competitive car to hire for a track day or even a race event then please do get in touch. We would be delighted to put something together for you.

You may or may not be aware that 2RacingUK is looking for sponsors to help with the entry fees for this year's race of remembrance support race and for the 2022 race season. Should you want to donate to the Race of remembrance in aid of Mission motorsport our PayPal is or if you would like to help us with our 2022 season then please get in touch and we will send you out our sponsorship proposal pack.

We are also looking for new drivers interested in joining the Mazda motorsport club and driving a mazda2 in a competitive race environment. for 2022 we will be running two cars with the potential for a third if we can find a driver able to complete the full season.

Many thanks for your support and for taking the time to read my ramblings.

Kind regards

Neal Shore

Race Team Manager


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