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Power Maxed Shampoo Review: .

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Emma gives her Yaris the Shampoo & Ultra Waxed treatment.

"This is my second time using Powermaxed products and I'd forgotten how well they clean your car.

Their Shampoo & Ultra Wax formula smells of bubblegum and is a must have to your cleaning supplies.

Once applied with a sponge, this super foamy shampoo easily lifts the dirt off your car. The shampoo breaks down the grime quickly making washing your car so easy.

Theres a special ingredient that helps get rid of water left on your car after rinsing meaning drying your car is effortless.

It also contains Carnauba wax. This is a natural water repellent that will leave your car with a deep wet and glossy look.

It protects your paintwork from bug splats and water spots.

Would I use these the Shampoo & Ultra Wax again over other shampoo's absolutely."

2RacingUK are very please to say we will be continuing to work with Emma and support her as she maintains her Yaris. More product reviews to come.

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