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Power Maxed / 2RacingUK Winter Care Kit.

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

2Racing were challenged to put together a fast and highly effective winter car care kit. Something that will offer lasting protection, a superb shine and doesn't require you to be stood outside in the cold for hours at a time during these frigid winter months.

After looking through various products and discussing the criteria we chose three products from the Power Maxed detailing range. 1, none acidic alloy cleaner, 2, shampoo with ultra wax and 3, a new product called a winter jacket.

The Mazda 2 DJ Black Edition has not been cleaned since the day before the 19th September 2020 which was actually the last outing on circuit with this car for the year. The car as you will see in the pictures is full of road and track grime with a layer of very heavy brake dust.

Returning to the original brief shows speed is of the essence so Steve gave him self sixty minutes to complete the clean and protection. not including setting up the jet wash or putting the kit away.

The alloy cleaner is strong enough to tackle the toughest of embedded brake dust without use of acids but is gentle enough for frequent use. This was applied liberally to all the wheels and given 5 mins to penetrate the dirt before being rinsed off with the jet wash at the same time as the first rinse of the cars paint.

The dirt on the alloy simply melted away leaving a smooth clean surface behind.

Once the car had been rinsed and the larger dirt particles were blasted away with the trusty pressure washer the shampoo and ultra wax was applied. This can be done with a snow foam lance but best results come from two buckets and mit technique so that is what Steve did. Naturally the cleaning process was top to bottom. Ordinarily Steve with his OCD would do one panel at a time but as speed is a key element of this test he practically went round the full car before rinsing again.

The Winter Jacket is the key element to this test. its specially formulated to resist road salt and seal the paint work. It is extremely user friendly as it can be applied to all surfaces including glass, paint, rubber and plastic.

After drying the car Steve casually sprayed an even layer of winter coat onto the roof waited a moment then lightly buffed it off. This was repeated on every panel and glass pane. Even the alloys got a coating. the coating left a high gloss protective layer with excellent water repellent abilities.

Steve's thoughts "This Winter Coat is brilliant! All 3 products are so easy to use and no hard scrubbing needed at all I couldn't be happier with these 3 products and we will highly recommend these quality valeting products to everyone we talk to about cleaning their vehicles."

The winter care pack is available in the Shop area of this website for purchase. The winter jacket should last 3 months meaning the process will only need repeating twice over a winter season.

Before & After pictures below.

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