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New Partnership Announcement.

Not long ago small companies were invited to get in touch with us if they wanted to have their logo on our cars and across our media platforms.

Interest in this opportunity was fantastic and supporting everyone would have been brilliant but we can't fit everyone on the cars.

As such 2RacingUK Ltd would like to welcome Harry Tribe and his company Tribe Street Market to the team.

Harry us a highly motivated fashion designer balancing university with with the running of his business.

He is also a fellow mazda2 enthusiast who shows the same attention to detail with his car as he does in other areas of his work.

In addition to the free advertising 2Racing have offered we have agreed with Harry that in his spare time he will pen some designs incorporating the Tribe and 2Racing brands.

Exciting and productive times ahead. And once Covid restrictions ease we will get Harry out for a track experience in a car with his own branding on. Something he wasn't aware was going to happen.

All our followers are going to be seeing alot of Harry and his work.

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