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Mapping Day for the DJ 👍

Finally the day had arrived to put the last bit of the puzzle into our warm hatch project.

After months of waiting due to one thing and another we were able to get the car to Neil at BBR GTI Tuning in Brackley, who are the Europe's best Mazda Tuning Company.

We needed to make sure that the cars new map was going to be done in a professional and safe manner, not just a generic reflash of the ECU. Which is why we chose BBR GTI. They have years of experience and have tuned hundreds of these very high compression Skyactive engines as used in our Mazda2 Black Edition.

On arrival, we were made very welcome by Matt who talked us through the process of the day, answered many questions. Matt clearly enjoys his work and from the way he speaks of the BBR team has total confidence in their abilities.

Neil the owner and founder of BBR was going to personally work his magic on the car.

The dyno fun began with a few data gathering runs to establish the basic performance from which the improvements could be made. Once that was complete Neil started to work his magic on the tune for the car.

Let's remember the car came from the factory with a claimed 88hp & 109lb-ft. We had already added some of our own 2RacingUK mods and reached 106hp with no changes to the engine map. So what would the final figures be?

Well after nearly 2hrs of wizardry we finished with a final figure of 133hp & 122.6lb-ft which is a great boost to this naturally aspirated Mazda2. Power figures are just for grabbing headlines however, as you will see in the data map below. The power delivery has been completely changed. Maximum torque comes in lower down the rev range and stays at that level over a greater duration of rpm. We are very happy!

So what's it like to drive now well due to the smoothed out power curve and extra power the car feels totally rapid. 3rd & 4th gear are very long from factory, in both gears the car just keeps pulling and pulling, we did take the fun way home to try it out and are overjoyed at how different the cars now feels. Not only is the overall performance of the car better. The daily driving ability has also improved. It's much more relaxed around town and on the motorway.

We cant wait to get it to its first competitive Sprint in May at Croft circuit in North Yorkshire please come along and see us.

We highly recommend anyone one with a Mazda2 or any other Mazda to get yourself to BBRGTI for your mapping 👍

We would just like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Neil🧙‍♂️ and Matt for all their help and support on this project and we hope to be back soon👍

All the best Steve & Neal, 2RacingUK Ltd.

Pre mapping upgraded available via the 2RacingUK online shop.

Air intake and exhaust upgrade kit.

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Nice write up lads, bet that DJ is really quick off the mark now. 133 is a really good result, all the best Thomas

Mar 20, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Thomas, and yes it is plus 3rd & 4th is brilliant Steve's going to have to adapt his driving style a track for it to. All the best

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