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Javelin Sprint Series RD1 Croft Circuit 9th May'21

Well that's RD1 done of the Javelin Sprint Series 2021.

This was the first time the Mazda2 DJ had been on track since it's final parts had been fitted.

So after the weather had predicted rain for Sunday but then turns out it was warm'ish and sunny in the end which dried the track nicely.

I (Steve) was very rusty behind the wheel so it took me a lap or 2 to get my confidence going.

It was also great I had Dary turn up to give some support too and also to catch up with old sprinting comrades too.

Starting with a time of 1,56:12 I managed to get it down to a 1,50:52 which gives me 2nd place in my group.

The car felt great and so easy to drive on the limit each run with no unexpected movement, I even give my car to a fellow sprint driver who is a professional driver and even he was impressed what a good little fun car it is.

Brilliant day I'm absolutely knackered after building the pressure on myself to push the limits and a bit more of the car.

I highly recommend more mazda 2 drivers to come join the 2Racing Sprint Team for 2022 it's so much fun or come see us 👍🏁

"The car was also in some great company too"

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