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DJ Exhaust Development

The exhaust for the car was going to be developed with the help of a local company to ourselves that has years of experience in motorsport and with performance car companies.

We have split the development into 3 stages, Backbox, Centre Section, Manifold.

The backbox is where we started as the standard silencer is very large adding weight and reducing the cars ability to exit the exhaust gases quickly.

The development of the silencer need to include the reduction in weight, be free flowing but not be overly noisy either.

Also as there are no off the self backboxes for sale in the UK for the DJ we wanted the customer to be able to fit it themselves on their own drive.

The 2Racing exhaust is built from the ground up, it's not just parts welded up parts as we see so often now so we know the quality it good.

Finally the day arrived for final fitting and testing. It was great the backbox turned out just as we had requested hitting all 3 requests. A nice deep burble and tone was heard coming from the back of the car now absolutely brilliant.

We can also retail our exhausts now so if people would like to purchase just drop us a message.

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