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2Racing Custoner Reece and his 2018 DJ Airbox upgrade.

I'm Currently running a 2018 Mazda 2 DJ and 2Racing's own airbox upgrade.

I found it really easy to install to your Mazda 2 DJ which I did on my drive way.

You only need a screwdriver or a 8mm socket to release your stock airpipe.

When I finally completed the install of the 2Racing airbox upgrade I noticed a massive difference with much better air flow to my skyactive engine now.

I highly recommend getting a 2Racing airbox upgrade for your Mazda 2 !!

keep up with the good work guys Thank you!

Many thanks to Reece and his support of 2Racing 👍

This upgrade also helped the 2Racing DJ to reach more than its standard 90bhp on the dyno.

Our Dyno sheets are below.

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