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A Visit to Powermaxed & Powermaxed Racing 24th September 20

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Today visit Lauryn and the guys and gals at Power Maxed (PM) & Power Maxed Racing (PMR).

The drive down to PM head quarters was a slog but one that would turn into a brilliantly productive day. with both Neal and Steve attending we thought it would be good to take the white Mazda 2 DJ (MK4) sprint car for a blast and maybe show the car off to anyone who may be interested.

Traffic was appalling with every road and every diversion seemingly in the process of being dug up or with teams from the highways agency walking up the middle of roads with cans of spray paint marking pot holes. Could this be how Borris intends to keep localised populations issolated, trapping them with unending raod works? Who knows.

Arriving late and after issueing our appologies to Lauryn we settled in and got down to buisness discussing the fantastic new range of PM detailing products from their deticated home detailing range. 24 products in total.

We also had a great chat about how much time the average car owner spends cleaning their cars and the diference identified just with in our meeting was vast.

PM have a truely brilliant range of car and bike detailing products which are easy and quick to use. You'll soon be seeing videos and write ups on here showing the results 2Racing are achieving and how we are going about getting them.

In addition to the cleaning side of the buisness Power Max have a comprehensive range of lubricaants and oil and fuel addtives all designed to protect your engine and restore lost power. Lauryn was kind enough to give us some samples of the additives to test on our own vehicles. Having seen the effectiveness of the cleaning products we are expecting good things from the additive range. We will naturally film the tests and post the results in another blog post and on our YouTube channel.

Before braking for lunch Peter, one of the company managers, was kind enough to show us arround his warehouse and bottling facility. Something he clearly takes pride in as he answered every question we could throw at him. The production capacity and rate of stock turn over is amazing. The tour of the warehouse also revealed many elements of the PM buisness we had yet to become aware of.

After a spot of lunch at a local restauant "which was very nice" we where shown to the Power maxed Racing facility where Simon the head of PMR had to cope with two massive BTCC fans who were like kids let lose in a sweet shop. This was a dream come true senario.

It was great to be shown around and engineering department and to see how the cars are prepared and put together by Simon and his team and with Simon talking us through the process we learned a lot today. Turns out PMR dont just build their own BTCC cars but they also help with world touring cars, super rally cross cars and even a tiny citeron C1 which was sat up on ramps. They are open to work on anything if people are willing to ask.

At one point Lauryn and Neal had to stand impatiently arms crossed feet vertually tapping ready to move on while Steve thawned over a vectra super touring car. As steve turned round to face us, we are sure he was about to start reminising about watching this car compete as a teenager, beggining with the phrase "back in my day". fortunately he didnt get the chance till the drive home.

Before returning to PM HQ Lauryn pulled out one last surprise showing us the Brand new PM detailing bay which will soon be open for public booking. At the time of our visit there was a small collection of clasic cars waiting to get the Powermaxed treatment and be restored to their former glory as a grand opening of the bay.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Lauryn, Simon and the rest of the Power maxed team for making today not just the best business meeting but posibly the best day ever. Thank you so much 👍

Keep checking back for more content relating to Power Maxed and Power Maxed Racing as we look to test their products and continue to build a strong working partnership.


Steve Neal

2Racing UK 2Racing UK

CEO Team Manager

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