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Splitter instructions

The splitter comprises 3 pieces. 2 winglets, 1 Center section and a fitting kit.

Minimum tools required. 1 Philips (cross head) Screwdriver.

Recommended tools. Jack, Axel stands, wheel chocks.

The splitter can be fitted while the car is on the ground however access is easier when the front is lifted. If you choose to lift the front make sure it is done safely and the car is secure on axel stands. Never work under a car supported solely by Jacks!

1) mark the midpoint of the centrepiece and the bumper. Masking tape or dry wipe markers are great for this.

2) line the centre lines up pushing the centrepiece of the splitter back as far as it will go against the black rubber wind deflector as pictured. and use one or two screws to hold in place. The screws are designed to screw through eh plastic of the splitter and inst the plastic underside of the bumper.

3) push one of the winglets up against the side of the bumper. Care should be taken to fit it flush with the front of the wheel well. The splitter should NOT protrude into the wheel well at any point. the front edge of the winglet can be adjusted to taste with sharper angles looking more aggressive and refused angles being more subtle. Use two screws to hold the winglet in place.

4) repeated step 3 for the second winglet.

5) Check you are happy with the fitment and looks of the car.

6) Using the last of the Screws reinforce the attachments.

4 screws in each winglet ensuring at least one attaches through both the winglet and the centrepiece on each side.

3 screws should be fitted through the centrepiece.

7) Recheck the fitment. ensure everything is still in place. Should anything need adjusting, slacken off the screws holding the effected part adjust and tighten the screws in the new position.

8) Check each part is secure by gently pulling the whole splitter in a forward direction.

Your splitter is installed.

If you lifted the car be sure to lower it to the ground in a safe manner.

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