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The Mazda2 DE & DJ Start.

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Following on from our success with our Yaris's and our other Toyota's over the years we found that we had took them as far as they needed to go so we needed two new capable small fun cars to use on the road and for sprinting & track days.

With already having a Mazda 2 (DJ) on the drive Neal decided to take it to a sprint day back at the start of 2020. Neal found it was a really good capable car, even one of the sprint instructors commented on it to.

Steve also got to test drive the DJ and was really impressed so the decision was made to purchase a DJ Sport and a DE Sport.

The DJ Sport Black Edition was purchased in the February 2020 and the DE arrived in the January 2020.

We planned to have the DE as the Pro car which is more stripped out and more track focused and the DJ was for fast road and sprint days.

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