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DJ Build Thread.

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

We wanted to run the Mazda 2 DJ in the Javelin & Mazda Sprint Series but in the Street Class, which is a slightly modified standard car within a modest budget that anyone can afford.  If the parts we need are not available in the UK and importing them if far to expensive then we will make and develop them ourselves.  
The stages planned for the car are to look and develop the air intake system, chassis setup including tyres, exhaust system, braking system and finally the ECU. 
We will put all the bolt on parts first then get the car on the rolling road to see if the cars standard ecu can learn and develop it's own extra power not that's what we are looking for. The whole idea for the DJ is to create a great little warm hatch thats fun and competitive at sprints and fun to drive on a weekend too. 

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