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2Racing DJ Backbox & Customer feed back 11th February 2020.

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We received some awesome customer feedback today which even though it's hard for a fledgling Motorsport Company to keep going in these trying times, it encourages myself & Neal to push forward.

Hi Steve,

Early this afternoon I received the package with the exhaust and the thermal mug. Let me just say that i couldnt be happier with the exhaust! It gives a whole new dimension to the car being able to hear the engine rev this freely with a deep burble. I also want to thank you personally for all the support and exchanges we have had over the past couple months, I know Covid hasn't made things easy between countries but your regular updates on the order made the wait manageable and the products made it worth it. To be honest I have never received this level of customer support before and thank you for it. I wish you and the 2Racing crew the best of luck for the racing season ahead and hope to be able to purchase some more of your products whenever I can.

Best regards,


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