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CorkSport Mazda2 DE cold air duct

CorkSport Mazda2 DE cold air duct

Limit the intake of hot under hood air into your CorkSport Power Series Short Ram Intake with a CorkSport Mazda 2 Cold Air Duct for the CorkSport SRI. By coupling your short ram intake with a cold air duct, you will see the benefits of a cold air intake system without the pressure drops inherent to longer tube intakes. Our cold air duct allows for additional exposure to outside air temperatures resulting in reduced heat soak and more power gained from your short ram intake.


In initial testing the CorkSport Mazda 2 Cold Air Duct saw a average 10 degree drop in temperature at the intake compared to running the intake without the air duct installed and saw a 12 degree drop at idle for 5 min.


The CorkSport Advantage:


Cool intake air temperatures result in more power for your Mazda 2: By shielding the intake from the hot temperatures in the engine bay, the air duct will provide greatly reduced temperatures around your air intake system.

Durable FRP construction: Ready to be painted, lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material.

Easy to install: Upgrade your CorkSport Short Ram Intake with a simple quick installation

CorkSport Service and Support: Receive full color installation instructions and knowledgeable telephone support



All Corksport products are imported from the USA to the UK. Our Stock is directly linked with Corksport USA, if the item is not in stock with us it could take up to 10 days to be received. Contact us for definite stock.

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