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PowerMaxed First Wash of 2021

Phenomenal results from our favourite valeting products. The outcome was such that I wanted to share it with the 2RacingUK following. Having not washed my car since the back end of 2020 due to the very bad weather we have had here, in the High Peak in Derbyshire.

I prepared the car for winter in two stages, using my favourite Power Maxed products to do this. Firstly applying the products in October and, repeating the process at the start of December.

The following products were used to protect my car:-

Traffic Film Remover Spray,

Alloy Wheel Cleaner Spray,

Blizzard Snow Foam,

Shampoo & Ultra Wax,

Glass Cleaner Spray,

Rain off Glass Sealant,

Winter Coat Sealant Spray,

This winter has been harsh in the High Peak with heavy snows, sleet and copious amounts of road salt. All of which has led to a thick layer of grime settling on the car. With this in mind, I had expected today's clean to be a challenge, as experience from past years has taught me the first clean after winter can be a fight against the embedded dirt of the last season.

This year has been something of a revelation! All of the grime salt and dirt was cleaned off the car with no effort at all, to reveal the paintwork beneath well protected. "I honestly didn't think the results would be this good, not just good but excellent!"

Roll on summer when we can get into really using some more of the summer Powermaxed range such as the Ultra Finishing Polish.

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