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Mazda2 MK3 DJ Yorkshire Dale's Drive 10/7/21 🌞

Since England went into lock down, many, many months ago. I had been desparate to take my Mazda2 DJ for a proper thrashing on some properly scenic roads.

Organising this drive out through the famous Yorkshire dales also gave me the opportunity to catching up with two of my best friends and fellow petrol heads, that I'd not seen since Covid started, apart from over face time calls. Being car enthusiasts they are capable of pedaling a car and brought a Celica & Focus Sport to play with.

Matty and Simon have been following the progress of our cars since we first established 2RacingUK particularly the DJ version, my Mazda2, and how we have modified it from a stylish little eco box into what I like to refer to it as a, warm hatch.

My friend Simon had never driven a Mazda2 before and knew only what he had seen it in our social media posts. I explained in detail how the team has modified the car and how it feels on the road as I drove him first before swapping seats a few miles down the road for him to have a go.

The setup and driving style of my DJ is well suited to these kinds of roads. We set the car up to give me the best of both worlds on country roads & track but also still be a daily driver.

The car feels nimble and rotates nicely into and out of corners while giving you great feed back. The turn in for corners also feels pin point and goes where I need it, plus very stable through fast flowing corners to "Fun!" in the Dales tight bends, long & short straights, lots of ups and downs.

Once Simon had made himself comfortable in the drivers seats, I did tell him to push on. Which he did with great spirit.

He is used to driving cars with more power but he didn't seem to mind though as he was having lots of fun on these amazing country roads.

He was very surprised that this car was so much fun and still comfortable to drive on these roads.

His favourite things about the car were the brakes and how they feel under light & heavy braking giving him gradual feedback and response, the seats felt very supportive and held you in place going quickly through the fast sweeping bends. After arriving back at the hotel we were using as a base. He did pass comment that if I were to sell the, he wanted first dibs on it.

The weekend as a whole was brilliant catching up with my mates and putting the car through its passes plus staying in a very nice hotel in the Dale's.

We just love these little cars and now it's officially a Warm Hatch it's just smiles for miles. 👍🌞🏁

Thanks for reading.


Director & Driver

2RacingUK Ltd

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