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Mazda2 Forums UK Track day

Monday evening (August 24th 2020) saw the first-ever Mazda2 Forums UK Trackday in association with 2RacingUK.

This event was designed specifically for small subcompact hatchbacks, like the Mazda2. By keeping the engine size below 1800cc, we ensured no one had a huge power advantage making this event ideal for trackday beginners.

Also, the number of cars attending was kept to a minimum, just enough to maintain a fun and friendly atmosphere! Additionally, there was plenty of space on the circuit for everyone to enjoy their driving.

We ran the event over the 1.2-mile full circuit at Three Sisters in Wigan. Predominantly, a go-kart track it's both wide enough and long enough to be enjoyed by cars safely. The track blends a mix of slow hairpins, short blasts down straights and fast esses, making for a technically challenging circuit ideal for testing the Mazda2 and our friends from Team Ya'race who also attended in their Toyota Yaris.

We had a range of 2s and Yaris participating all in varying states of tune form near-standard cars with modest suspension and brake upgrades to fully dedicated track cars to showcars whose owners wanted to see what the cars could do.

The mix of owners was brilliant, with each bringing knowledge and advice making for great off-track conversation.

Some drivers opted for the free tuition offered by 2RacingUK and showed a great willingness to listen and learn. The general standard of driving was high so most drivers required only a few pointers to smooth their driving and gain more from their cars.

The event closed with a full lap convoy around the track with all the Mazda2s on the circuit at the same time. A fitting close to a great first event.

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