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DJ Air Intake Development.

We took good look at the intake on the car to see where it could be improved. We tried different setups, such as just a new performance airfilter and induction kit. We found that the car responded badly to the induction kit we used but seemed to feel a bit more responsive with just the new panel filter.

We then decided to look at the flow of air in the airbox and the induction pipe that connects the throttle body to the airbox.

A new smoother performance induction pipe was developed and replaced the standard one that makes the airflow into the throttle body very unstable but now is smoothed out.

The airbox also had a extra part to it that seemed to act as a resonator/air storage. We removed this and sealed the airbox added a performance panel air filter supplied to us by K&N.

The car will be driven with this setup for awhile so the car can get used to it but just after a quick test drive if feels alot better plus you get a bit of induction noise too.

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