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ProBite Fast Road Pads 300

ProBite Fast Road Pads 300

Probite Fast Road Brake Pads


Engineered to be the perfect road pad for the enthusiastic driver.  The 249 gives amazing feel and enhanced stopping power over a standard road pad without sacrificing comfort or longevity.


  • All Probite brake pads are made to match the specific size and fitment requirements for your vehicle, offering excellent braking performance and temperature handling for everyday road use.
  • Our superior Probite plate technology gives enhanced bonding and durability to help protect against shearing and squeals.
  • All our pads have reduced bedding-in time thanks to our advanced materials and are Regulation 90 (ECE R90) approved and certified.



Width (mm) 126
Thickness (mm) 16
Height (mm) 51
Fitting Position Front pads
Pad Type R90 Approved
Special Requirements Uses TRW system
Wear Warning With Acoustic Wear Warning
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