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Mazda3 Spacers 20mm pair

Mazda3 Spacers 20mm pair



Product Description:

1 Pair (Axle Set) of 20mm hub centric wheel spacers. 

New & Boxed.


Mazda 3 Mk1 (Type BK), made from 2003-2008

Mazda 3 Mk2 (Type BL), made from 2008-2013

Mazda 3 Mk3 (Type BM/BN), made from 2013-2018

Mazda 3 Mk4 (Type BP), made from 2018-


PCD: 5x114.3

Hub 67.1

Supplied with M12x1.5 High Tensile-strength Studs & Nuts.

Made from CNC machined aircraft-quality aluminium alloy, fitted with steel studs.

Good to know:

These Spacers are precision made in the UK, from high strength Aluminium Alloy.

The spacer is attached to the hub using the nuts supplied in the kit, the wheel is then fitted using the original nuts.

The standard wheel studs may require shortening.

Some alloy wheels have recesses on the rear face of the wheel which may accommodate any protruding stud.

Always make sure the Spacer mounts on to the face of the hub with no restriction before tightening the nuts.

Only use hand tools to tighten the nuts.

Wheel nuts should be tightened to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended torque setting.

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